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South Carolina White-Collar Crime Lawyer

White-collar crime cases are often complex, intense, and involve an extensive commitment to research and diligence by all involved parties. On both the state and federal levels, white-collar crimes are serious matters, as even one such crime can have long-lasting and serious effects on a business or person working in a business.

White-collar crime convictions—and in some cases, even accusations—can result in harsh long-term ramifications. Whether a corporation or an individual faces white-collar criminal charges, an experienced South Carolina white-collar crime lawyer could be extremely helpful in navigating the complex issues and processes involved in defending against such procedural and legal hurdles.

An effective federal defense attorney could help corporations and individuals avoid some of the issues and aftermath of a white-collar criminal conviction, including but not limited to heavy fines, house arrest, loss of assets, and imprisonment. Due to the severity of these consequences, it is almost always important to address white-collar crime indictments, implications, and accusations with a dedicated attorney by your side.

Classification of South Carolina White-Collar Crime

White-collar crime is a nuanced and complicated focus of law that is ever-changing, and accordingly can be very difficult to navigate. Retaining a South Carolina white-collar crime attorney who has litigated numerous cases and negotiated an array of settlements may go a long way towards giving individuals and corporations confidence that a positive outcome is, in fact, possible.

A South Carolina white-collar crime lawyer specializing in white-collar crime could assist individuals and corporations when defending against:

  • Tax crimes
  • Various types of fraud, including health care, immigration, bankruptcy, mail, and accounting fraud
  • Securities and commodities offenses
  • Embezzlement
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Identity theft

Potential Defenses Against White-Collar Crime Charges

When an individual or corporation is facing the accusation of a white-collar crime in South Carolina, there is a specific burden of proof that the prosecution must meet to achieve a conviction. A prosecutor must prove that the individual or corporation:

  • Committed a criminal act
  • Intended to commit the criminal act; and
  • The intended criminal act directly resulted in a negative consequence (also known as causation)

A specialized South Carolina white-collar crime lawyer may be able to help individuals and/or corporations defend against any of these elements via a litany of potential defenses such as lack of intent, lack of capacity to commit the criminal act, action under duress, and entrapment.

Contacting a Capable South Carolina White-Collar Crimes Attorney

It is often in the best interest of an individual or corporation under investigation for white-collar crimes in South Carolina to acquire strong legal counsel as soon as possible. A qualified South Carolina white-collar crime lawyer could ensure that your rights are not violated by investigations, and furthermore could set out the most effective strategy to pursue depending on the circumstances.

Work with a driven criminal defense attorney that could devote the time and resources necessary to build your defense.